Episode Four and the Season One Finale in the Ongoing Story About A Silent World

Chorus (Feedback Dystopia Book Four)

Chorus (Feedback Dystopia Book Four)

A Future Where Singing Is A Felony And Music Is Banned

Infinite Flight Is About To Be Released

Eric, his family, and the others are at a standstill, trapped on the lower floors but holding off the violent Gate Web brutes above.

Jack and Will arrive in escape vessels to unveil the potential of Infinite Flight, a powerful worldwide system that augments reality with imposed images and feelings, as well as letting people escape into a fantasy world of their making.

Even while strapped to a chair and drugged, Leonardo suddenly changes tune, unconcerned with his mother's death and confident the Gate Web will take control of Infinite Flight.

As The Marley descends toward the Hub, strange images appear, and Eric discovers the horrible truth about mortality manipulation.

An old friend might be able to help, but Eric is more confident in himself and his current allies.

Only by working together, Nexus and victims alike, can the radical and destructive Gate Web be kept away from Infinite Flight's controls.

But Infinite Flight is new to them, and they haven't a sliver of a chance at outsmarting Leonardo.

Chorus is the season one finale of a multi-season, dystopian thriller of politics, hatred, love, bitterness, and warped minds. Read Feedback to experience...

  1. A complex story with flawed but good-minded characters on either side. Can making the world tolerant of sound really save it?
  2. A futuristic-yet-realistic setting reflecting changes in modern-day technology.
  3. A post-apocalyptic, falsely-beautiful world. Bright colors, delicious food, and unsettling physical contact are meant to ease the deprivation of sound.
  4. Moments of humor and passion sprinkled amidst a dark, oppressive atmosphere.

Grab a copy and return to the quiet society.

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