Episode One of the Ongoing Story About A Silent World

Impulse (Feedback Dystopia Book One)

Impulse (Feedback Dystopia Book One)

A Future Where Singing Is A Felony And Music Is Banned

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How can you defend yourself from a murder frame-up if you live in a world where noise and loud expression are outlawed? In this post-apocalyptic dystopian thriller, mild-mannered doctor-to-be Eric flees the dark groups that control the quiet society, until he strikes back.

Hall has developed an incredible dystopian society and his attention to detail builds a vivid picture for the reader of what this world looks like and just who is living in it. Hall has created characters that the reader becomes invested in. I want to know more! —Melissa Corbeil (Inspired Leo Goddess)

Hundreds of years after nuclear devastation, the world is forever changed. All forms of loud noise are illegal.

Offenders are cast out once a year, into the hopeless, irradiated wastelands.

But it's not the rebels who face the greatest threats.

The dark powers who maintain the status quo set their sights on several innocent, brilliant college students.

They push a young doctor-to-be into a conspiracy, putting his reputation, family, and life under fire.

They raise a girl into becoming a gorgeous, coveted celebrity, a puppet to please the masses.

They force a young man and woman to rendezvous in the secrecy of a singer group, hiding their forbidden relationship.

This is the story of rats in a maze, who get pushed too far.

Impulse is the first of four novella-length episodes in season one of a multi-season, dystopian thriller of politics, hatred, love, bitterness, and warped minds. Read Feedback to experience...

  1. A complex story with flawed but good-minded characters on either side. Can making the world tolerant of sound really save it?
  2. A futuristic-yet-realistic setting reflecting changes in modern-day technology.
  3. A post-apocalyptic, falsely-beautiful world. Bright colors, delicious food, and unsettling physical contact are meant to ease the deprivation of sound.
  4. Moments of humor and passion sprinkled amidst a dark, oppressive atmosphere.

Grab a copy and enter a new world.

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