Episode Three of the Ongoing Story About A Silent World

Mixer (Feedback Dystopia Book Three)

Mixer (Feedback Dystopia Book Three)

A Future Where Singing Is A Felony And Music Is Banned

The Safest Place is Not What It Seems

Eric had dreams for himself and the world, but the Nexus and Leonardo forced him into hiding.

After a final surface mission, Eric is safe with his family in the Marley, but at a very high cost.

The surface world grows distant, and people begin to heal and accept new roles.

The underwater vessel known as The Marley is a piece to a puzzle, however, and someone is coming to put the pieces together.

Eric's friends and family will face life and death once again.

The Nexus will reveal its mysterious leader.

And Leonardo's legacy will take form as people react to his disappearance.

Something terrible awaits at the bottom of the ocean.

Reverb is the third of four novella-length episodes in season one of a multi-season, dystopian thriller of politics, hatred, love, bitterness, and warped minds. Read Feedback to experience...

  1. A complex story with flawed but good-minded characters on either side. Can making the world tolerant of sound really save it?
  2. A futuristic-yet-realistic setting reflecting changes in modern-day technology.
  3. A post-apocalyptic, falsely-beautiful world. Bright colors, delicious food, and unsettling physical contact are meant to ease the deprivation of sound.
  4. Moments of humor and passion sprinkled amidst a dark, oppressive atmosphere.

Grab a copy and return to the quiet society.

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