Rooted and Four Other Disturbing Stories: (Unpredictable Psychological Horror)

Rooted and Four Other Disturbing Stories: (Unpredictable Psychological Horror)

Want quick, terrifying stories that will keep you up all night? Read this, if you have the courage...

Inside are five brief and unsettling stories based on the dark, unknown corners of humanity and beyond. Five paranormal terrors await, from an impossible video rental store run by a smiling teenage girl, to the corners of reality where humans are locked away, and even to a sunny parking lot where a person who looks just like you is walking closer and closer.

Suspenseful plots like those of The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits...

These five psychologically unsettling tales abandon common horror conventions like gore, little girls, and violent beasts. Each one is simple, based around a single unique idea that digs deep into the inherent fears we share.

Quick and disarming, these scary stories switch back and forth from short story to flash fiction, and are easily read, but not easily forgotten.

Read this book and discover a new, powerful way to experience horror.

Warning: These stories are ideal for adults, but may not be suited for children. The language and themes are mature. The violence is subdued, but present.

Author Info: Shane Hall has written speculative fiction since 2007, and enjoys writing stories based on impossible, fantastical, futuristic, or mysterious elements.

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